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Julie Coleman


Julie Coleman

Julie Coleman is the co-director of Grow A Lotus Yoga's Children's Yoga Teacher Training. She is renowned for her joyful and peaceful presence when teaching children's yoga. 

Julie is a Mom to two amazing boys and has over 15 years experience in health and wellness. Julie is currently completing her Child & Youth Study degree at Mount Saint Vincent University and teaches yoga to children of various ages in schools and various child-centred program.s


Julie approaches her life with the yogic philosophy of living from the heart and mirrors these teachings effortlessly in her classes leaving children connected & curious.

Our Vision

The logo symbolizes the vision of Grow A Lotus in an icon and the depth of the meaning is held in the visual.
The lotus flower symbolizes purity and spiritual awakening.
The physical pose symbolizes the posture Baddha Konasana, representing the physical presence of which we move through the world.
The movement represents the importance of human movement and mobility for longevity and health.
The Ba'Haii house is a temple in India, with an architectural design of the Lotus Flower.
Flight, a journey upward, uplifting and elating.
Butterfly, a symbol of transformation.

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