Leanne Whiting


Leanne Whiting

Leanne Whiting is an author, elementary school teacher and yoga instructor renowned for her creative and playful teachings of yoga through story. She is the founder of Grow A Lotus Yoga, a schools of yoga that aims to bring yoga practices to all with subtle alignment in the body, inquiry and discovery of the mind, and a playful enthusiasm of the heart.

She currently teachers children's yoga in schools throughout Halifax, NS, along with professional development programs for educators.

Leanne is the author of children's yoga book, Be Like A Tree, and a Master's of Education student at St. Francis Xavier University.

Our Vision

The logo symbolizes the vision of Grow A Lotus in an icon and the depth of the meaning is held in the visual.
The lotus flower symbolizes purity and spiritual awakening.
The physical pose symbolizes the posture Baddha Konasana, representing the physical presence of which we move through the world.
The movement represents the importance of human movement and mobility for longevity and health.
The Ba'Haii house is a temple in India, with an architectural design of the Lotus Flower.
Flight, a journey upward, uplifting and elating.
Butterfly, a symbol of transformation.

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