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What Is Breathe. Read. Yoga.?


  • One-of-a-kind online children's yoga program that combines literacy, mindfulness, storytelling and yoga.

  • Designed as a classroom resource for students ages 5-12.

  • Created by a certified children's yoga teacher/trainer and elementary school teacher.

  • Features a diverse library of books that connect to elementary school curriculum, themes and learning outcomes.

  • Excellent value! One subscription provides access for all of your school's teachers!

  • Simple to use - just log-in, select a class to stream and click play!


The Benefits


Mental Health Benefits

  • Students build resilience, self-awareness, and self-confidence.

  • They lower their levels of stress.

  • Concentration improves as the program stimulates creative abilities, while balancing emotions at the same time.

Social & Emotional Benefits

  • Children and teachers report feeling calmer, happier, and more relaxed after completing an online class.

  • Incorporating story with yoga fosters empathy and help students develop better emotional regulation.

  • Practicing yoga collectively creates a fun and joyful learning environment.

  • It allows children to embody social mingling and greater bonding, promoting imagination and collaboration between their peers.

  • It helps teachers more easily introduce themes of diversity and inclusion in a creative way. 

Physical Health Benefits

  • Children note the importance of exercise and how yoga helped them make their bodies healthy and strong.

  • They demonstrated improvement in their physical fitness, gains in flexibility, upper body strength, balance, body control and aerobic capacity.


The Books

Who Are We
  • Annual subscription: $1080/year

  • Custom subscription (1-9 months): $149/month

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The Feedback


  • "As part of our school-wide practice to support self-regulation and social-emotional learning, Breathe. Read. Yoga. has provided us with a road map for infusing both yoga and literacy learning together in P-6 classrooms, as a staff, and as a community. We are grateful for the collaboration with Leanne and Grow A Lotus Yoga. " - Amy Hunt, Principal, HRCE

  • "Breathe. Read. Yoga. was well received by my staff and students. Combining movement breaks with literacy and mindfulness has been a very positive experience for students and our teachers appreciate how easily they can incorporate the classes into their lesson plans and how well they mesh with our monthly themes." - Stephanie Kenny, Vice-Principal, HRCE

  • "The children in my class love our yoga and story time with Leanne and regularly request it. I love seeing how my students become fully immersed in the story, and how the class often continues to inspire their imaginative play later in the day." - Britney MacLeod, Grade Primary Teacher, HRCE

  • “Yoga and story share such a natural connection. In the classroom, students love to listen and watch as Leanne shares her thoughtfully chosen picture books. As they become familiar with different yoga poses, students begin to anticipate which poses may be the ones that will match the pages of the story. The creativity and imagination inspired by this pairing of yoga and story is magical. Connecting to their breath and learning to listen to their bodies is an empowering part of students' independence in self-regulation and Leanne's lessons are very helpful in building this capacity within them. The Breathe. Read. Yoga. website is very user friendly and allows me to choose a book based on theme or just for the enjoyment of listening and practicing yoga to it.” - Natalie Deware, Mathematics Support Teacher, HRCE

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