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Yoga classes designed to meet your practice needs anytime & anywhere!


Choose from a library of yoga classes with various lengths and levels to meet your ever changing schedule and practice needs.


Choose from:

  • Beginner 

  • Hatha

  • Prenatal

  • 10 Minute Sequences

  • And more!

Private Yoga

Personalized programs to receive optimal benefits for your body based on your schedule, needs & abilities.

A personalized yoga program is beneficial for all, specifically individuals recovering from an injury or seeking to prevent injury in regular yoga classes. An emphasis is focused on alignment and your body's with a program that fits your daily schedule

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Breathe. Read. Yoga. allows parents and professionals the opportunity to bring yoga to children virtually, through story, movement, mindfulness. Each Breathe. Read. Yoga.class incorporates a breathing practice, storytelling, and yoga postures, helping to make yoga accessible to all children, while also contributing to their physical, mental, and social-emotional development.

This is an excellent resource for schools that may not offer yoga in their curriculum but are seeking the support and resources to do so.

Teacher Training

Grow A Lotus is the only certified children's yoga school in Atlantic Canada. If you work with children and are interested in professional growth in the realm of yoga, mindfulness, and empathy, this training is for you!


This experiential training will provide you with the skills necessary to incorporate yoga into the lives of children.

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