Leadership Training

Getting to the Heart of the Matter
Engaging in Compassionate Conversations

At the heart of every conversation is the attempt to meet a need. When challenging conversations arise, it is our instinctive nature to defend and protect ourselves from what is often heard as blame and negative judgement or an unwanted message. What exactly are we defending? Why does judgement trigger our defensive mechanism? This learning experience will provide you with tools to identify your needs behind the issue and, as a result, develop enhanced interpersonal connections and positive communication experiences. The program will focus on getting to the heart of conversations by turning blame and judgement into honest conversations where everyone’s needs are heard and respected, enhancing the quality of your conversations and your relationships.

You will leave with:

– A greater sense of self-awareness about how your communication impacts others
– Tools to slow down your reactions and increase your empathy
– Problem-solving techniques for moving through challenging situations
– An ability to understand natural defensive responses and provide empathic responses and actions
– Enhanced skills in handling challenging conversations and daily interactions

Program Format:
Given that professional development is best applied with support with practice over an extended period of time, this program begins with a full foundational day and continues for eight weekly half day sessions with plenty of practical application, peer support and mentorship.

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