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When It Snows - by Richard Collingridge

Over and Under the Snow - by Kate Messner

What is Breathe. Read. Yoga?

Imagine immersing yourself inside of your favourite story! You get to become the characters, feel their emotions and experience their adventures!


Breathe. Read. Yoga. is a children's yoga program designed to bring your favourite stories to life while embodying the story through the practices of yoga. Each class will begin with easily accessible breathing practices to help you anchor yourself with a sense of focus and calm. A reading of the story will follow, and then the fun begins as we re-tell the story using movement and yoga postures.


This fun and playful way to practice yoga will build your physical strength and flexibility, foster empathy, and take you on an imaginative journey where your creativity can shine!

Simply subscribe online to the virtual program and receive access to a new episode weekly, as well as unlimited access to the library of previously released videos. 

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