Be Like a Tree

“Look deep inside Nature and you will find the answer to everything”
— Albert Einstein

Be Like A Tree is a children’s yoga book, inspired by a tree that stands uniquely on Rogart Trail at Sugar Moon Farm in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. The tree stands in Tree Pose [Vrksasana], the common yoga pose used to foster both inner and outer strength and stability. 

The tree and the boy connect on their differences and gain together their learn to stand confidently in themselves and stand in confidence with who they are. Throughout the story are yoga poses to inspire movement and connection to oneself and to Nature with a detailed description of the poses at the back of the book.

Be Like A Tree Book Cover

Purchase locally:

For those local to Halifax, Nova Scotia, you can find Be Like A Tree in most local bookstores and children’s stores.



Other Areas of Nova Scotia


  • Modo Yoga (Barrie)
  • Minds Alive (Collingwood)

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Purchase online internationally

For the Classroom

Lesson plans will be available soon.

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