Grow A Lotus

The Lotus Flower

The lotus flower is a symbolization of our own Divine Nature.  Similar to the challenges and sufferings that inevitably arise in our lives, the lotus flower grows in deep murky waters into the light of the bright, luminescent sun.  The growth into the light symbolizes our human potential to use the challenges and difficulties in our lives as a learning potential to growth and happiness.

The opening and the closing of the lotus petals are mirrors to our own hearts as we conceal and reveal, from suffering to light.

The name Grow A Lotus came to life while sitting beside the Ganges in India.  At the time, Leanne was on holiday from her regular routine of teaching Grade Ones children at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong.  While on a yoga retreat, immersing herself in the depths of yoga in its country of origin, she created the name behind her practice “Grow A Lotus” with the intention to return to teaching and focus on supporting each student to grow to the depths of their for fullest potential, just as the lotus flower reflects.

May all beings unfold the petals of their hearts to grow to their fullest potential.  May we use the body’s vehicle to live with great intention and attention, in health, compassion, laughter and love.

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